Tata Motors – Driving Digital Success

Client Background

Tata Motors Limited, part of the Tata Group, is a leading Indian multinational automotive company headquartered in Mumbai. With a diverse portfolio ranging from cars and trucks to buses, Tata Motors also owns subsidiaries like Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Daewoo. In 2021, TPG invested $1 billion in Tata Motors’ electric vehicle subsidiary, highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The Challenge

Tata Motors faced challenges in converting online traffic into leads and, ultimately, sales. Despite a significant digital budget, the existing campaigns struggled to justify the cost per lead. The client sought an agency to revamp its online strategy, focusing on improving responses, reducing costs, and re-evaluating the core online marketing and sales model.

The Challenge

Despite its long-standing presence, NASSCOM faced the challenge of low public awareness about its initiatives, particularly in the context of building a robust ecosystem for digital talent in India. The goal was to bridge the digital talent gap through comprehensive programs targeting academia, industry, and corporates.

Project Brief

The goal was to create a sustainable marketing and sales model through the digital route, providing a personalized and user-friendly automobile experience. Tata Motors aimed to increase interested leads, decrease the cost per lead, and create an effective campaign leveraging search and content networks.

The Strategy

1. In-Depth Research:

Conducted extensive research on current automobile purchasing behavior online, understanding how the target audience utilized digital channels for decision-making.

2. Client Collaboration:

Engaged in discovery sessions with the client, spending hours to create a focused keyword and online display strategy aligned with primary goals.

3. Focused Campaigns:

Implemented a more focused strategy, creating search, social, and display campaigns targeting specific offers, each with optimized landing pages for high conversions.

Our Execution

1. Platform Selection:

Worked on four online advertising platforms, initially targeting North India, creating 4000+ ad copies, and designing 30+ landing pages for each car model.

2. Test Drive Phase:

Initiated a two-month test drive in North India, closely monitoring the response mechanism through a deputed team at the client’s call centre.

3. Localized Communications:

Created multiple digital communications with varied creatives, banners, and landing pages, focusing on different products and individual car models to cater to diverse tastes.

4. Personalized Test Rides:

Provided a personalized experience by contacting leads, and offering free test drives of their chosen models at preferred locations and times.

Findings & Accelerations

1. Focused Strategy Success:

A more focused strategy on search, display, and social platforms generated a higher number of leads compared to a broader range of networks.

2. Effective Landing Pages:

Multiple landing pages and body copy variations covered diverse buying patterns in the automobile market, creating a pyramid structure for budget allocation.

3. Optimization Process:

Implemented a system of internal reviews and daily optimizations, refining the campaign for better results continually.

4. Response Pattern Change:

Suggested changes in the call center’s response pattern, introducing a specific time-response plan for better lead conversion.

Results Achieved

1. Increased Interest and Bookings:

Achieved a 34% increase in interest and requests for test rides, coupled with a 27% reduction in overall lead acquisition costs.

2. Cost-Effective Campaign:

 After two months, the cost per lead was reduced by 42%, showcasing the success of the revamped campaign.

3. Lead Increment:

Optimized ad copies and landing pages increased the total number of leads by 19%.

4. Pan India Expansion:

With successful findings, the campaign expanded nationwide, targeting a 25% reduction in cost per lead and a 20% increase in response year on year.