Samsung Heavy Industries – Engineering Excellence Redefined

About Samsung Heavy Industries

Samsung Heavy Industries, a Fortune 500 company and a global conglomerate, is a powerhouse spanning ships to mobile phones. As one of South Korea’s top-three shipbuilders, alongside Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Samsung Heavy Industries specializes in high-value-added vessels, including liquefied natural gas carriers, tankers, and drill ships. The company, established in 1974 by the Samsung group, has grown into one of the largest shipbuilders globally, renowned for its engineering prowess and the production of offshore plants, such as floating production, storage, and offloading systems.

The Work Brief

Revamping a Global Presence

Samsung Heavy Industries approached Advel with the task of delivering a fresh website for their Heavy Industries Division. The challenge was to create a world-class website that reflected the company’s engineering excellence and was befitting of the Samsung name.

Our Approach

Engineering Edge in Simplicity

1. Understanding the Core:

Our team delved into the basics, focusing on communicating Samsung Heavy Industries’ engineering edge. We aimed to showcase the company’s expertise in Heavy Industries through a design that reflected precision and innovation.

2. Simple UI for Impactful Communication:

Opting for a simple and intuitive user interface, we ensured that the website’s design effectively communicated the complexity of Samsung’s engineering capabilities. The navigation was streamlined for a seamless user experience, allowing visitors to explore the company’s offerings effortlessly.

3. PHP Website Design:

Advel’s development team embraced a PHP website design approach, building the website page by page to ensure a tailored and cohesive online presence. The structure was meticulously crafted to align with Samsung Heavy Industries’ vision of a sophisticated and user-friendly platform.


Redefining Excellence Online

The revamped website for Samsung Heavy Industries stands as a testament to engineering excellence and sophistication. The streamlined navigation, coupled with a simple yet impactful design, offers visitors an immersive experience into the company’s heavy industry capabilities.


Elevating the Samsung Brand

Advel successfully delivered a website that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. By going back to the basics and emphasizing simplicity, we effectively communicated Samsung Heavy Industries’ engineering prowess to a global audience. The website now stands as a digital showcase of Samsung’s commitment to excellence in Heavy Industries.


Advel transformed our online presence with a website that perfectly captures Samsung Heavy Industries' engineering excellence. The simplicity in design and seamless navigation reflects our commitment to precision and innovation