The general idea of Samsung as a boheamouth shows in each and every marketing campaign of theirs, and that is how the brand’s towering presence has been built. When the company entrusted Advel with a part of their campaign for its heavy industries wing, it was because of a vision presented to them that went along with their international standards.

Samsung Heavy Industries has the world’s largest number of drill ships and successfully delivered the world’s largest marine platforms and semi-submersible drilling facilities. The company keeps growing at a relentless pace. So it was critical to take care of every aspect of the business while marketing.

The objective of this project was to catch the eye of prospective B2B clients. The model was built such that it would interest businesses and entrust the South-Korean giant with their work.

Targeting was very specific and lead generation was very business-centric. The meticulous planning of the campaign was done keeping these aspects in mind.

It was all about ensuring that the internal and industry benchmarks were achieved. The results surpassed every expectation that we had.