NASSCOM – Bridging the Digital Talent Gap in India


The National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) is a pivotal non-governmental trade association and advocacy group serving the Indian technology industry. Established in 1988, NASSCOM plays a crucial role in representing India’s technology sector, valued at an impressive $245 billion. Focused on strengthening the industry’s foundations, NASSCOM prioritizes innovation, market access, policy advocacy, talent, and inclusion. The organization aspires to position India as the world’s leading technology ecosystem by promoting future readiness, trust, emerging technology, and sustainability. NASSCOM provides various services to its members, including industry research, networking opportunities, and skill development initiatives.

Project Background

The primary mandate of nasscom in its current role as the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for the IT-ITES sector in India has been to create and refurbish occupational standards as required and provide skill development training programs and certification for jobs at the entry level in the IT/ITeS sector. The development and upkeep of the relevance of occupational standards reflects the industry’s ‘Talent Demand – Supply’ ecosystem and is operationalized based on its WFMIS (Work force Market Intelligence System). In the context of the digital revolution, nasscom’s mandate has been expanded to reskilling and retooling the middle and leadership levels-both within the IT-ITeS industry and end-user industries-in order to make them relevant to new-age jobs.

Success for nasscom in its role as an SSC depends on how deeply it is entrenched in the growth story of the IT- ITeS industry going forward, and the ways in which it can create a meaningful impact in the short, medium and long term with key stakeholders. To ensure long term sustenance, nasscom in its avatar as an SSC has to come up with various engagement models and options to drive outreach to all key stakeholders of country’s Skilling ecosystem w.r.t. IT-ITeS sector and keep them updated with various initiatives and actions of SSC nasscom in Skilling at Scale

Target Area: PAN INDIA

The Challenge

Despite its long-standing presence, NASSCOM faced the challenge of low public awareness about its initiatives, particularly in the context of building a robust ecosystem for digital talent in India. The goal was to bridge the digital talent gap through comprehensive programs targeting academia, industry, and corporates.

The Purpose

Performance Marketing to create and maintain relationships with its key stakeholders

To help nasscom team in creating and maintaining relationships with its key stakeholders through online conversations, provide end-to-end services, from digital strategy to influencer outreach, build and manage communities on social media, through an integrated digital and social media development framework; an agency that can deliver holistic solutions – geared towards impactful results that’s in line with our mission and vision. FutureSkills a nasscom/SSC nasscom project is an industry utility to get India started/accelerated on the journey to building skills and becoming the global hub for talent in the emerging technologies.

Our Approach

Building a Digital Ecosystem

Social Media Management:

Starting from scratch, we revitalized SSC nasscom’s & nasscom FutureSkills’ organic social media presence on key platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter (now X). Our content strategy focused on creating a narrative that showcased them as a trailblazer in digital talent development. Within a year, we witnessed a 40% increase in social media engagement, including likes, shares, and comments. The Average engagement rate during campaign period for SSC nasscom is 4.58% and nasscom FutureSkills is 3.91%.

LinkedIn & Meta Ads Campaign:

To amplify nasscom FutureSkills’s reach and promote various B2B and B2C programs, we executed a targeted LinkedIn & Meta ad campaigns. Leveraging advanced audience targeting, we reached over 50 million views, resulting in a 25% increase in website hits and a substantial uptick in inquiries about their digital initiatives.

Content Development:

We crafted compelling content that not only informed but also inspired. Whitepaper, posts, articles, explainer videos and infographics were strategically designed to highlight SSC nasscom’s & nasscom FutureSkills’ impact on the digital landscape. This content strategy contributed to a 40% increase in website traffic and a noteworthy rise in brand authority within the digital talent ecosystem.

Performance Analytics:

 Utilizing performance analytics tools, we constantly monitored and analyzed campaign metrics. Our data-driven approach allowed us to refine strategies in real-time, ensuring optimal performance and maximum impact. This approach resulted in a 10-15% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA) and a 18% increase in conversion rates over the course of the campaign.

Target Audience

Academia, Corporates, Government, Industry

Our strategies were meticulously tailored to address the diverse needs of academia, corporates, government bodies, and industry players. With a target audience spanning ages 15 onwards and a focus on pan-India reach, our campaigns aimed to create widespread awareness and engagement.


Impactful Results and Future Readiness

The collaborative efforts resulted in a significant increase in awareness about NASSCOM’s initiatives to bridge the digital talent gap. The organization successfully positioned itself as a driving force in making India a global digital talent hub. The campaigns resonated with the target audience, leading to increased participation in NASSCOM’s programs.


Empowering India’s Digital Future

Through targeted performance marketing strategies, Advel played a key role in helping SSC nasscom & nasscom FutureSkills bridge the digital talent gap in India. The success of the campaigns demonstrates the power of thoughtful execution in promoting future readiness, trust, and sustainability in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.


"Advel's strategic approach and execution played a pivotal role in elevating our digital presence. They not only increased awareness about our initiatives but also positioned us as leaders in the digital talent space. Their expertise in performance marketing has been instrumental in driving impactful results."

Ms Amrita Basu
MarCom Lead, SSC nasscom