Lions Clubs International – Uniting for Growth

Client Background

Lions Clubs International, founded in 1917 in Chicago, Illinois, by Melvin Jones, stands as the world’s largest humanitarian service organization. With over 46,000 local clubs and more than 1.4 million members across 200 countries and geographic areas, Lions Clubs International embodies the motto “We Serve.”

Project Brief


To increase Lions membership in the regions of ISAAME (India, South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East) by implementing an integrated campaign focused on multi-lingual messaging.

Our Execution

Campaign Phases

1. First Phase: Creating Connect

 Establishing connections with Lions through WhatsApp groups and social media channels.

2. Second Phase: Generating Buzz

Creating awareness about Lions’ impactful work globally and emphasizing the idea that “more Lions mean more service.”

3. Last Phase: Motivating and Providing Support

Digitally supporting Lions leaders to encourage membership growth.


– Social Media Channels:

Utilizing Facebook and Twitter to reach millions, creating awareness about Lions’ humanitarian work.

– WhatsApp Campaign:

Forming over 150 WhatsApp groups for two-way communication with 18,000 Lions leaders, motivating them to contribute to the cause.

– Email Campaign:

Sending personalized emails in major languages, focusing on Lions’ legacy projects in Vision, Hunger, Diabetes, Paediatric Cancer, Environment, Education & Relief.

– Google Display Network (GDN):

 Increasing campaign reach through targeted promotions on GDN, specifically reaching out to Lions in the ISAAME region.

Content Management

Over 1850 content pieces, including videos, gifs, and landing pages, were created in English and multiple regional languages to motivate people to join the cause.


– Overall Reach:
The content reached 5.2 million people across channels during the campaign.

– Social Media Impact:
 Content on social media channels was viewed by over 3.6 million people.

– Engaged Audience:
Approximately 100 thousand engaged audiences were observed through the campaign.

– WhatsApp Engagement:
Active membership and engagement were observed in the 18,000 Lions on WhatsApp.

– Email Campaign:
Close to 1.6 million personalized emails were sent to Lions.

– SMS Campaign:
1 million personalized SMS were successfully sent to Lions in 8 different languages.

– GDN Impressions:
GDN promotions received more than 450 thousand impressions.

– Landing Page Visits:
Over 94 thousand visits from India, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East were observed.


A record growth of 44,372 members was observed during the campaign duration, marking a historic milestone in Lions Clubs International’s 101-year history.


“Advel's integrated approach and strategic execution played a pivotal role in achieving historic membership growth. Their multi-lingual campaign resonated effectively with our diverse audience, showcasing the power of digital outreach. Advel's support has been instrumental in advancing the Lions Clubs International mission of service."

Lion Vijay Kumar Raju
Past International Director, Lions Clubs International

The membership campaign managed by Advel team across ISAAME region was very well done and thank you for providing the comprehensive campaign report. I’m happy to see that Advel’s efforts drove measurable engagement with our target audiences in ISAAME (and even more so that these numbers reflect goals that were set when Dan and I joined your team in Delhi in January.

Mr Patrick Rodwell
Head of Global Marketing, Lions Clubs International