Lions Clubs International – Uniting Against Diabetes

Client Background

Lions Clubs International, established in 1917 in Chicago, Illinois, by Melvin Jones, is the world’s largest humanitarian service organization. With over 46,000 local clubs and more than 1.4 million members globally, including the youth wing Leo, Lions Clubs International operates in over 200 countries and geographic areas, dedicated to making a positive impact on communities worldwide.

Project Brief

Launching Diabetes as a Global Cause by Lions Clubs International, Chicago – The World’s Largest Humanitarian Body. The aim was to raise awareness through an integrated campaign with ground activation activities and digital amplification.

Target Area: PAN INDIA

Our Execution

Pre-Campaign Activities

1. Social Media Awareness Campaign:

  Initiating a month-long digital campaign to build anticipation and gather audience attention.

2. Event Amplification - Facebook:

 Utilizing Facebook for event amplification to reach a wider audience and create buzz.

3. Twitter Influencers Activity:

Engaging Twitter influencers to maximize the reach and impact of the campaign.

4. Video Campaign:

Designing video campaigns with a global reach, emphasizing the urgency of diabetes awareness.

5. Creation of a Landing Page:

Establishing a comprehensive landing page as an information repository about diabetes.

During Campaign Activities

1. On-Ground Content Live Amplification:

 Providing live updates on social platforms about free check-up camps, yoga camps, and other initiatives.

2. Information Dissemination:

Engaging with users by disseminating information about diabetes prevention and control

3. Engaging with Influencers:

 Actively interacting with influencers and promoting their tweets to amplify the campaign message.

4. Campaign Branding:

 Consistent branding across all campaign materials to create a cohesive and recognizable identity.

Post-Campaign Activities

1. Content Amplification:

Continuing the campaign’s momentum through post-campaign content amplification.

2. Maintaining the Buzz:

 Sustaining interest and engagement by maintaining an ongoing online presence.


The campaign successfully created widespread awareness about diabetes and the efforts of Lions Clubs International to combat it. Key results include:

– Influencer Engagement:
Influencer tweets received 11 lakh impressions, leading to substantial retweets.


– Video Campaign Success:
The mascot-driven video campaign garnered over 93 thousand views in around six months.


– Engagement Metrics:
Through 300+ content pieces, the campaign engaged approximately 32 thousand individuals.


– Overall Visibility:
The campaign achieved a remarkable visibility count of 15 lakh views during its tenure.


"Advel's strategic approach to our global campaign against diabetes was pivotal. Their expertise in seamlessly blending ground activations with digital amplification helped us create significant awareness. The engagement metrics and overall visibility surpassed our expectations, making this initiative a success."

Dr Naresh Aggarwal
Past International President, Lions Clubs International