FICCI – 19 Years of Strategic Collaboration


Established in 1927, FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) stands as the largest and oldest apex business organization in India. With a rich history intertwined with India’s journey from independence to rapid industrialization, FICCI serves as the voice of India’s business and industry. As a non-government, not-for-profit organization, FICCI plays a pivotal role in networking, consensus building, and representing the interests of Indian industry on both national and international fronts.

Partnership Background

19 Years of Strategic Collaboration

Advel has been a steadfast partner to FICCI for the past 19 years, contributing to numerous industry exhibitions, seminars, and conferences across the globe. The collaboration spans traditional marketing, content and creative initiatives, digital campaigns, social media management, server management, and more. With a commitment to exceeding set goals, Advel has been a key player in reaching industry stakeholders through various communication channels.

Work Executed for FICCI

1. Website Conceptualization and Execution

Advel has conceptualized and executed multiple websites for FICCI’s exhibitions, seminars, and conferences. Managing the end-to-end project, from content creation to web design, server management, backup, and data management, Advel ensures a seamless online presence that caters to the diverse target audience.

2. Media Management

Advel has been at the forefront of media management for FICCI, devising media budgets, drafting strategies, planning and buying media. With campaigns executed across the world on print, radio, television, and out-of-home mediums, Advel has successfully managed over 12 Million Dollar worth of campaigns, maximizing FICCI’s reach and impact.

3. Performance Marketing Campaigns

Strategizing and executing multiple performance marketing campaigns for FICCI’s exhibitions and seminars, Advel focuses on facilitating exhibitor registrations and increasing footfall at event locations. The campaigns are designed to enhance visibility and engagement, contributing to the success of FICCI’s events.

4. Creative & Content Management Solutions

From welcoming international dignitaries to creating event merchandise, Advel has conceptualized and crafted various content and creative pieces. Whether it’s print ads for presidential visits or promotional materials for exhibitions, our work spans digital signatures, brochures, newsletters, billboards, and post-show reports.


Advel has been an integral part of FICCI's success for the past 19 years. Their expertise in conceptualizing and executing websites, managing media across diverse channels, and driving successful performance marketing campaigns has significantly contributed to our events' impact and reach.

Position FICCI

Advel Communications is a team of thorough professionals who are always ready to go take those extra steps in order to complete the job up to satisfaction. Their passion for quality and innovation is matchless. We are happy on the website designs and development work their team did for us. There are numerous ongoing projects their team is doing for us and they continue to press forward with our al marketing needs

Mr Praveen Kumar Mittal
Joint Director FICCI