FederUnacoma surl – Revolutionizing the EIMA Agrimach Experience

Client Background

FederUnacoma surl, Italy, is the organizing body behind EIMA Agrimach, the world’s largest B2B Agri Event. This international platform brings together renowned manufacturers and marketers of agricultural machinery and equipment, attracting visitors from across the globe, including professionals in agriculture, policymakers, and government dignitaries.

Project Brief

EIMA Agrimach demanded a dynamic and fully automated website to cater to diverse stakeholders—global exhibitors, B2B and B2C audiences, policymakers, and government representatives. The objective was to create an informative, user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate platform that adhered to global standards.

Our Approach

Setting Global Standards Locally

1. Design Excellence:

 Our team embraced the challenge by designing a website that met the global standards expected by EIMA, Italy. The focus was on creating a seamless and responsive user experience that elevated the overall design flow. The UI/UX was meticulously crafted to ensure information accessibility for both B2B and B2C audiences.

2. Responsive PHP Website Design:

Advel’s development team structured a PHP website design, building each page with precision. The simplicity in design seamlessly integrated with the overall flow, ensuring a user-friendly and informative experience for the diverse audience of EIMA Agrimach.


A Unified Global Platform

The revitalized website for EIMA Agrimach now stands as a testament to the convergence of global standards and local relevance. It serves as a unified platform that caters to the informational needs of exhibitors, visitors, policymakers, and government dignitaries, fostering a truly global agricultural community.

2. Traditional Marketing Impact:

OOH and print ad pieces contributed to the success of traditional marketing efforts, enhancing the brand’s visibility in the target market.

3. Digital Campaign Enhancement:

Audience-focused creatives supported digital campaigns, ensuring that online communication aligned with the brand’s identity and goals.

4. Unified Marketing Collateral:

The consolidated marketing collateral proved effective in conveying group-wide and program-specific information, driving increased registrations through on-ground teams.