Dettol – Reinforcing Hygiene in Healthcare Spaces

Client Background

Dettol, a brand synonymous with health and safety, has earned its reputation through years of dedication to cleanliness and disinfection. A product line by Reckitt Benckiser Group, Dettol offers a range of products known for their antiseptic properties. With its distinctive aroma and commitment to hygiene, Dettol has become a trusted name in households worldwide.

Project Brief

Extending Presence in Healthcare

The objective for Dettol was to establish and maintain a robust presence in a significant number of hospitals and pharmacies across three major cities: Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Covering approximately 2600 stores and large hospitals, the campaign aimed to reinforce Dettol’s association with cleanliness and health.

Our Approach

Strategic Integration for Prolonged Impact

1. Permissions and Execution:

 A dedicated team of experts worked on obtaining permissions and flawlessly executing the plan. The focus was on ensuring a strategic and impactful presence in key healthcare spaces.

2. Beyond Billboards:

While billboards and posters played a role, our approach extended beyond these traditional mediums. We strategically placed advisory boards and Dettol products within hospitals, creating a more immersive and lasting impact.


Cost Efficiency and Prolonged Presence

The project delivered two major benefits for Dettol. Firstly, the cost was significantly lower than the estimated budget, representing a 15% cost reduction. Secondly, 80% of the billboards and posters placed inside hospitals continued to remain in place well beyond the stipulated time. This prolonged presence not only reinforced Dettol’s brand superiority but also ensured a sustained impact in the market.